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IS ANYBODY OUT THERE just became the first K’NAAN video to pass the 10 million views on youtube since the FIFA world cup classic WAVIN FLAG. It’s also the first NELLY FURTADO video to pass that amount of views since MANOS AL AIRE and MORNING AFTER DARK from 2009

The song was a #1 hit in NEW ZEALAND and reached the top 10 in most of Europe. In Canada it peaked at #14 while in the US it peaked at #97 (being the latest song to entered into the Hot 100 for both artists to the date)

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Nelly Furtado – bun hairstyle

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♥Nelly Furtado♥

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The Lover Crowned - Jean-Honoré Fragonard // Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

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you expect me to just let u hit it

but will u still respect me if u get itimage

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  •  climb a mountain
  •  swim the seven seas
  • ☐ get your body to look like Hercules’
  • ☐ jump out an aeroplane with a parachute
  • ☐ fly up and away on a hot air balloon
  • ☐ get on your boots and visit the north pole
  • ☐ try every sport until you score a goal
  • ☐ follow the path of a butterfly
  • ☑ go to ground zero and do nothing but cry
  • ☐ our first kiss

bucket list as per Bucket List by Nelly Furtado

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EXPLODE was released as the fourth single from FOLKLORE. The song charted in the top 40 in NetherlandsSwitzerland and Germany. NELLY said the song "came from a poem I wrote called Teenage Waste. When you’re a teenager, you want to try everything; you’re like a little firecracker. Your wiser self is there, somewhere deep down, depending on how young or old your soul is. But it doesn’t always show itself. “Explode” is visceral; it’s guttural. That’s why part of the song uses terms from Capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts form. It touches on teenage experimentation and bliss and fun, but also on some violence and aggression.”

EXPLODE also had a huge impact in Argentina (which is the country I live in), becoming her 6th single to entered the Top 5 (I’M LIKE A BIRD, TURN OFF THE LIGHT, FOTOGRAFÍA, POWERLESS and FORCA all peaked at #1)
After FOLKLORE, NELLY reached the top of the Argentinian chart with MANEATER and IN GOD’S HANDS (plus, PROMISCUOUS, ALL GOOD THINGS, MANOS AL AIRE and SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE entered the Top 10)

Personal favorite part of the song

It’s a fight, it’s a fight and you finally belong

Got a shiner now and it’s more than a battle scar
More than a battle scar, such a good, good story to tell
At lunch break, lunch break, lunch break, lunch break
Such a good, good story to tell

You bully, you break, you bully, you break
You fake, you fake, you fake, you fake
You smoke, you toke, you want, you flaunt, you hit it and you’re in it and it’s spinning

And it’s wild
We never thought that we’d get caught up
Stuck in the teenage waste”

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